2018 and the Pothead Gifts to Come

Aaaah, the holidays are over and a new year is upon us. Take a deep breath and let out a nice slow exhale. If your stoner kit is handy, go ahead and get medicated. Maybe you even got some pothead gifts from a friend or close relative during the holiday season. The dab kit is always an option too.

2018 is supposed to be quite a year for marijuana. You may not need to keep your stoner kits on the down low anymore. New Jersey and Vermont might legalize weed early this year without voters even forcing the issue. Massachusetts and Maine are supposed to have legal recreational weed for sale this summer and so is all of Canada. California started selling adult-use weed on January 1st, and of course Colorado, Washington and Nevada have been smoking kit friendly for a while now.


So, you may already live in a state where you can strap your little stoner kit to your forehead and do a stoned dance in your front yard. If not, your state may be offering some nice pothead gifts soon. Worst case, you may have to take a short drive to a neighboring state to whip out a dab kit with your friends and go to town. Either way, stoners throughout this country started, and are finishing, the most peaceful revolution in thinking maybe in all of history. We all have something to be real proud of. There is no good reason for us be worried that we might get arrested for something as innocent as using our stoner kits. There is no reason for any of our friends to be sitting in jail right now because they had a little weed in their smoking kit.


By the way, have you tried state legal lab tested weed yet? Whoa, whole new experience! Talk about pothead gifts! Go ahead and walk into a dispensary and buy some Cookies or Nine Pound Hammer and try that out in your smoking kit. It is hard to describe but the high just seems cleaner. It is tough to have perspective after years of buying from our awesome “friends” that gave out great bud for stoner kits. But, people do use pesticides on weed because marijuana is a plant and bugs like it too. Also, fungus can grow on it. Turns out smoking pesticides and fungus affects the high significantly.

Maybe this would be a good year to take a road trip with your smoking kit. Go see the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and find out what using a dab kit at 10,000 feet is like. Go check out our nation’s weed capital, Los Angeles, and experience virtual reality with your stoner kit. Walk into one of the Amsterdam-like cafes Massachusetts is allowing starting this summer. Walk the strip in Las Vegas and smell the terpenes floating through the streets (even though it’s banned to consume in public areas). See what Maine lobster is like dipped in butter when you have the munchies. There are more weed friendly destinations than most of us rolling around with our stoner kits ever probably imagined in 2018.

Anyways, we here at The Happy Kit think the best is yet to come for all of us rolling around with our stoner kits. People are becoming more open minded, and of all the pothead gifts we could get, people loosening up has got to be the number one best thing that could happen to us. Let’s keep getting it done the right way! We are peaceful people that just want to live life with our stoner kits close by and ready to share.

Everyone have a great 2018 and Stay Happy!

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