6 Ways to Help Parents Safely Store Their Weed

6 Ways to Help Parents Safely Store Their Weed

Parents who use marijuana, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, must keep the drug hidden from view and out of their children's reach at all times. You used to get away with putting an Altoid tin on the top shelf, but these days you need something that has a real lock and some other security features because kids are naturally curious creatures.

The good news is that as cannabis becomes more accessible to parents, there is also an increase in the number of secure storage methods available, like the lockable weed storage box to keep their stash out of their children's reach. Boxes and medicine bags can be found in various sizes and configurations nowadays. They might be simple and inexpensive containers, or they can be intricate and (sometimes) pricey creations. However, the only thing that truly matters is whether or not it has a lock and/or is made in a child-safe way. And with that uncomplicated objective in mind, here are some points to think about:

GUNNERN Lockable mirror cabinet

Although this lockable medical cabinet from IKEA isn't designed expressly for pot, it is a convenient choice for securely storing cannabis within the home. You can install it out of reach of little hands, just like a traditional medicine cabinet, and it includes various shelves to keep your sativas and indicas arranged in the same space. When children are at an appropriate height to begin opening cabinets, the lock and key provide an additional layer of protection.

Fireproof, Rip-Proof Lockable Bags Medical Bags

Lockable medical bags are impervious to fire, odor, and rips, making them an excellent choice for traveling items such as marijuana, Propecia, and chocolates that you do not wish to share with others when you are high. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and the price is typically approximately $20. Even if you forget about it and leave it in the diaper bag, it will not be compromised in any way, although your nanny may have a few questions for you.


The Medtainer is an affordable portable medication container equipped with a grinder of its own and can function as a lockable weed storage box. Although it is advertised as certified child-proof, it is vital to keep in mind that there is no official oversight regarding weed-container certificates. This product is airtight, watertight, and touted as being certified child-proof. If you have older children, acquiring something with a real lock would be wise.


The SneakGuard, on the more expensive end of the safe storage spectrum, is designed not so much for the casual smoker who needs a small tin (and a weed storage box with lock) as it is for the cannabis aficionado who wants to keep buds in an impenetrable, airtight, vacuum-sealed, and humidity-regulated metal safe. This is about as extreme as it gets. In addition to having a screw that is difficult for small hands to unscrew, it also has a lock with a combination of four digits.

The Cannador

The Cannador combines a high-end lockbox and a riff on the traditional cigar humidor; it comes equipped with an inside humidifier to maintain the quality of numerous types of cannabis for an extended period. This marijuana storage device is the Maserati of the industry. It costs $129, but it is built of multiple layers of wood (cherry or walnut), seals in odors, and includes four glass cups, each of which can hold 0.5 ounces of marijuana (or up to .75 ounces ground). Even cooler, you may add a Bluetooth hydrometer to your order for an additional charge of $60.

Tackle Box and a Lock

You don't have to buy into the trends now prevalent in the cannabis market to ensure that your vegetation is kept out of the reach of children. In the end, all you need is something that locks, and this heavy-duty dry box measuring 14 inches works like a weed storage box with lock and provides that feature. Because it is resistant to water, has thick sides that are crush-proof, and is bright orange, you will never lose track of your cannabis.

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