7 Amazing Smoking Accessories to Add in your Smoking Bowl or Stoner Gift Basket

Are you looking forward presenting your friend with a fantastic stoner gift basket for sale? Do you want to know what smoking accessories you should include in a stoner gift basket? 

Well, gifting a smoker with an exciting smoker basket will prove your friendship for them. Below, we list 7 fantastic smoking accessories that you should add to a stoner gift basket. Have a look below: 

List of 7 Amazing Smoking Accessories to Add to your Smoking Bowl:

  1. Hand Pipes

The use of hand pipes is an ordinary and the oldest smoking method that has been popular in many countries for the last so many years. The reason hand pipes are popular is that they are convenient, easy to carry, and portable. Its maintenance is quite a lot simply because it does not involve any extra components.

To use the hand pipe, you have to hold the pipe up and use mouthpieces for inhaling the smoke. Pipes are generally available in a variety of sizes, shapes, or designs to pick from. 

  1. Bubbler

Bubbler is another version of hand pipe which is an advanced one. They do have some additional components not available in handpieces, such as a water filtration system. Through this filtration system, the bubbler will create smooth hits of smoke from ignited weed. The use of a bubbler is similar to any hand pipe. Add some water into the bubbler base so start the filtration. 

  1. Bongs

Bongs are available with some straightforward and intricate designs. They are tall in length and are similar to the shape of a lamp. Although Bongs are similar in working like a bubbler or hand pipe, the difference comes over in the amount of hit you are inhaling. If your bong is available with the ice catcher, it gets easier to infuse the hits with a more relaxed taste.

  1. Dab Rigs

Next on our list of smoker accessories are the dab rigs! These dab rigs are divided into two major components, including the filtration body that holds the device together. The second is the nail in which the concentrate is vaporized before you start smoking it. This accessory is available in different variations based on your budget. The filtration system will also vary depending on the quality and type you pick. 

  1. Hookahs

How can we miss adding the list with hookahs, which has always remained the top favorite smoking accessory? The use of hookahs has been quite a lot popular in the countries where shisha activity is common. Cannabis generally does not work with hookahs; therefore, the use of tobacco is fixed in it with some additional layers. Hookahs have a higher health risk which is its biggest drawback. 

  1. DIY & Homemade disposables

To add a smoking bowl with your favorite accessories, the best recommendation would be to go with homemade disposables. Its maintenance is quite a lot simply because it does not involve any extra components. You can craft it with some daily used items such as bottles, plastic cabs, pens, apples, or containers. 

  1. Blunts, Spliffs, and Joints

These devices are not popular, but they are included in the accessories list because they are commonly used. Blunt or joint is the ground weed that can be rolled up high by using paper. For the mouthpiece, users often add the cardboard tip.

Spliffs are the same things, but they do have some additional element apart from the weed. Some of the users often enjoy adding some tobacco with the weed for a unique kick. 

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