how to clean a bong

Effective Bong Cleaning Techniques In 11 Simple Steps

As a seasoned bong user, I have mastered the art of how to clean a bong expertly, for good reasons. For bong users, these products are essentially part of our daily activities. Keeping them clean is not only beneficial for our health in the general sense, but also improves our experience when smoking cannabis. In this article, we will list the 11 steps that you need to follow when cleaning your bong.


How to clean a bong step by step

Step One

Discard the unusable bong water that is in your bong apparatus following your last smoking session. When handling the water, be sure to gear up and use protective materials such as gloves and aprons to reduce the risk of infection.

Step two

After you discard the water, you need to disassemble the bong carefully. This is to prevent any unprecedented damages, especially because some of the bongs are made using glass or other delicate materials.

Step three

Put the smaller components of the bong in a bag and that can be cleaned. Plastic sealable bags are the most ideal. The larger components can be cleaned in a large bowl or washing dish.

Step four

Use isopropyl alcohol as the disinfectant and add it to the bong materials. Pour the alcohol inside the bong as well as into the sealable plastic bag. Add some salt into the alcohol. The salt is an abrasive while the alcohol is a disinfectant.

Step five

Using your hands to form a seal over the bong, shake the components of the bong vigorously so that they can mix and also cleanse the interior of the bong. You should also seal the paper bag and shake gently.

Step six

Discard the alcohol and salt component, wipe the materials with paper towel and then use distilled water to rinse the components adequately. Assess the components for any damages and also inspect for the presence of any residue or debris. Repeat step four, five, and six as needed and until clean.

Step seven

This is the last step and it involves using a paper towel to dry the bong. In the absence of a paper towel, air drying can also be used.



These are the seven simple steps of cleaning your bong in a manner that is recommended by bong experts. It is important to learn how to clean your bong because dirty bongs have the risk of causing infections.

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