The Happy Eti-Kit Vol 4

How To Clean A Grinder

The steady sound of rain pounded against the New York city apartment as the low key partiers chatted amongst themselves. The comforting sound of Bob Marley’s voice echoed about the vast studio. Sandy checked her stash travel case, she was determined to carry marijuana safely. The little green Happy Kit was full of goodies and she considered asking her new acquaintance if he wanted to take a look in her discreet stash kit. After all, it would only be good marijuana etiquette to ask, right? She felt a little nervous though asking straight up if he was interested in packing a one hitter.

Happy Kit MJ Marijuana Smoke Cannabis Stash Case

She had just flown in from San Francisco to visit her friend Jenny for the long weekend. Jenny had great mj manners and knew Sandy well, so had immediately hooked her up with some nice hydro. Right now though, Jenny was hosting the party and making sure all of her guests had everything they needed. Again, she had impeccable cannabis manners.

Still a little bashful though, Sandy decided to grab the grinder out of her mmj travel case and fill it with some of the nice smelling weed. Jimmy, her newly found companion, broke the awkward silence they had been enduring when he saw her stash travel case. “What you got there,” he asked. “Medicating on the go are we?”

Sandy blushed as she turned the grinder back and forth, occasionally lifting the lid free a little and repositioning it to make sure the weed properly broke apart. One of the best smoke tips she ever got was that it was essential smoke etiquette to grind your weed thoroughly for enjoyable smoking. Nothing worse than an over packed bowl or one hitter. Unground marijuana was almost always the culprit. She always wondered who taught someone how to smoke a one hitter when that happened. It was a huge turn off for her, just bad marijuana etiquette.

“I don’t ever use those things,” Jimmy said. “I always just break it up with my fingers.”

Sandy snorted and looked up at him in amazement. “Really? Doesn’t that take forever? Doesn’t it get under your fingernails? Yuck. You get body oil all over the herb and who wants to smoke that?” Jimmy’s eyebrows climbed his forehead and looked away embarrassed. “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry,” Sandy quickly responded. “That is the worst cannabis manners ever!”

Jimmy laughed at that and Sandy joined him. She turned back to her mj stash kit and checked the grinder to see if the weed was properly ground up. Glancing back at Jimmy she tentatively asked, “Care to join me?”

He smiled at her and said, “Are you sure? This is a big step for us. I’m not sure we’re ready for it.”

Sandy gave him a big smile, her blush deepening. “I’ll even use a one hitter with you, if you want,” she responded coyly.

“Alright,” he answered excitedly. He peered into her discreet stash kit again. “That things cool. Looks like you got lots of stuff in that little mj stash kit. A bowl and some papers.”

Happy Kit MJ Marijuana Smoke Cannabis Stash Case Green

“It’s the Happy Kit!” Sandy loved her mmj travel case. It was great to carry marijuana safely and on the west coast it was proper marijuana manners to have one. “I love it,” she finished.

“Cool. How does that grinder thing work? Is it easy?” Jimmy asked.

Happy Kit MJ Marijuana Smoke Cannabis Stash Case Grinder

“Super easy,” Sandy said. “You don’t want to put too much pot in it or you won’t even be able to turn it. You also want to keep it clean. You can just brush it out but marijuana can get moldy and if you leave it stuck in the corners, it can get gross. With this grinder, I can just wash it in the sink. Maybe you want to use a q-tip with some rubbing alcohol to get the keif that is really stuck in the edges. You don’t have to do it very often and it makes your life much easier. It won’t take as long and you can quickly medicate on the go.” She looked back up at him after she pushed the one hitter into the ground up pot in the grinder to pack it. She winked at him and said, “There’s a couple of smoke tips for ya!”

Happy Kit MJ Marijuana Smoke Cannabis Stash Case Clean Grinder

His smile widened. “Well, I guess I’ll have to get myself a discreet stash kit then, with a grinder!”

“Get a Happy Kit! They’re great. They fit everywhere and in today’s day-in-age, it’s only proper mj etiquette to have one. You can carry marijuana safely, discreetly.”

Jimmy overwhelmed with her words leaned in and they began to make-out passionately.

Happy Kit MJ Marijuana Smoke Cannabis Stash Case Results Clean Grinder

The moral of the story is that if you have proper cannabis etiquette, if you carry cannabis safely and you always have your marijuana stash kit with a clean grinder, love will find you!

Stay Happy!    

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