How To Fly With Bud

Before we get started, make no mistake, it is still illegal to fly with weed.  We can, however, give you a few suggestions if you feel brave enough to get in Johnny Law's face to get your green to your destination.

Getting through the airport with weed may seem impossible, but there are a few tricks you can use to help mask the cannabis smell and make it look more discreet within your baggage.  Don't whip out the million plastic bags, coffee grounds and duct tape though - we're not trying to be Pablo Escobar over here.  A smell proof marijuana case like the Happy Kit Deluxe can assist you in this step, as you can safely zip your flower inside and place the inconspicuous black case within your luggage in leu of a plastic bag full of paraphernalia.

While we're on the topic of scent, let's take a minute to talk about airport dogs.  You can take a deep breathe here - you'll be happy to know that the majority of dogs seen at airports and domestic flights are bomb sniffing dogs.  Drug dogs are generally only found at international terminals, but you'd never even think about flying to another country while holding, right?  Right.

 After you dab the sweat off your forehead and walk into the airport with your stash, the next step is going to be to keep your anxiety levels down.  Sure, you hear horror stories about massive drug busts in airports, but the reality is that TSA agents are not cops.  TSA is not looking to bust you for a few joints hidden in a pack of Q tips or some Cheeba Chews tucked away in your backpack - they're looking for weapons and other risks to the public.  They may look at you a little funny if your eyes are beet red because you decided to spend an extra half hour in the long-term parking garage with your rig and some wax (it's going to be a long day after all, isn't it?), but that's the worst you can expect.  Either that, or they'll just think to themselves "Man, I can't wait to get home and burn one".

After you make your way past security, keeping your cool the entire time, you've gotten through the scary part.  From here on out, your only job is to make sure that you don't open any compartments that could let out the stink of your stash.  Hopefully you didn't put your candy and green in the same compartment of your luggage!


Another thing to note is going to be your destination state, and any layovers you may have.  Any seasoned weed-smoking traveler knows that some states are friendlier to mosey through than others.  Ending up or have a layover in Oklahoma, Missouri or Arkansas?  Think about leaving the green at home and trying to find some when you land.  Flying non stop to California, Nevada, or any other green states?  You most likely don't have anything to worry about except not smoking too much of your stash in the car before you get on the plane.


The best news we can give is to never leave home without a weed travel kit so your essentials are not just loosely floating around your bag.  Why raise suspicion when it isn't necessary?

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