How To Make Your Backpack Smell Proof

How To Make Your Backpack Smell Proof

There are many reasons why you may want to have a smell proof backpack. One of the reasons is so that you can carry your cannabis materials around without raising any suspicions in your work places or in your areas of everyday engagement. The second reason is to enable you carry your diverse shopping when you go to buy marijuana products in bulk.

In this article, we will highlight some of the steps you can follow when you want to make a smell proof backpack.


Make your bag clean

A clean bag is usually the first step towards ensuring that you have a smell proof backpack. This is particularly important for backpacks that have been previously used to carry smelly cannabis products. To clean your backpack, remove all the contents and shake it thoroughly to remove any debris or crumbs. A deodorizing formula can then be used to eliminate any trace molecules that lingers the previous bad smell. After cleaning your bag, you should leave it in the open to dry and also to ensure adequate aeration.


Tea bags can be of much help

Tea bags are absorbents that are used in many areas to eliminate bad smell. They can also be used to prevent your bags from giving off a bad odor. Tea bags work by absorbing the moisture within the bag and this prevents the bad smell from leaving the bag. Some tea bags are asl scented and this helps in neutralizing any bad smell inside the backpack.


Expose your backpack to fresh air

Sometimes your backpack is smelling because you have used it to carry many things aver a long time without washing. The smell often becomes unbearable when you carry damp material. To ease the smell from such backpacks, you can expose them to fresh air. While doing this, ensure that you remove any materials that are still present in the bag and shake well to clear off the debris. Fresh air will aerate the bag adequately to get rid of any bad smell.



These are some of the methods that you can use to smell proof your backpack. However, there are backpacks that are smell proof bags by design. These bags are needed to prvent the contents of the bag from giving off any smells in the public. You can buy these smell proof bags or utilize the methods highlighted in this article to make you back pack smell free for when you use it next.


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