How to smell proof Bag Work & How Long can it Last?

How to smell proof Bag Work & How Long can it Last?

Cannabis connoisseurs have various choices for good smell-proof bags when they are going out. As well as keeping you from smelling like a walking dispensary, good smell-proof bags will also maintain your weed's potency and prevent children and animals from accessing it.

Essential Features of Smell Proof Bags

  • Color

There are a variety of discreet, opaque colors like black and grey available for smell-proof bags. You can also purchase brighter or patterned bags if you prefer something more noticeable or trendier.

  • Compartments

You can organize your smell-proof bags by using compartments, which will make it easier for you to navigate through the contents without having to dig around for items. You can't always rely on the outer pockets to be scent-proof.

  • Cushioning

It is typical for the compartments of smell-proof bag to be cushioned to prevent marijuana-smoking equipment, including grinders and glass pipes, from breaking during transit.

  • Integrated locks

Integral combination locks, which higher-end bags offer, will help you keep your smell-proof bag safe from roommates and kids. You can secure a bag with a padlock if it has a double zipper.

  • Carbon filter

Activated carbon liners are commonly included in smell-proof bags as part of the carbon filter. The filters sit between the lining and shell of the bag. This filter thus removes scents that might somehow permeate the bag. They act as a filter, preventing scents from entering.

Smell-proof bags last for how long?

A bag with the activated carbon lining has the major benefit of being rechargeable. Carbon-lined bags can be reactivated or recharged by placing them in the dryer for 10 minutes or using heat from a hairdryer to allow the pores to open and permit the skunk-like scent to emanate.  

Depending on how the product is stored, the amount of time between charges can vary. Keep the interior of your Carbon Lined bag clean by simply placing a ziplock baggie, as well as Mylar bag, an airtight glass container, or even the aluminum container inside just before closing it. 

In this way, the smell-proof container or bag will last longer between refills. Placing the contents inside is also acceptable, but it isn't recommended because you will just end up needing to reactivate more often.

When choosing smell-proof bags, consider these factors

You can choose between disposable or reusable smell-proof bags when you buy smell-proof bags. For sustainability and space efficiency, we recommend reusable containers.

Compared to reusable bags, disposable bags cost much less but are extremely small, easily broken, and of lower quality than reusable bags. After one or two uses, they need to be thrown away, which is not eco-friendly.

A reusable bag is typically more giant and is this made from extra expensive material. It is just as effective to filter out odors rather than hold them in. They do have the longer shelf life, which helps them to justify their higher price tag. In addition, their shelf life is considerably longer, which explains their higher price.

  • Material

Plastic is the most common material used in disposable smell-proof bags, while reusable bags are often made from more complex materials. The nylon exterior of reusable bags protects your marijuana from liquids and rips. Bamboo and cotton have a more elegant aesthetic and texture but may not last as long as other materials.

  • Size

We offer a variety of sizes of smell-proof bags. Compact models are measuring just 2 x 3 inches are available, as well as large crossbody and case-style bags measuring up to over eight inches wide, several inches deep, and up to six inches tall. If you travel with various smoking accessories, these bags are helpful.

  • Closure
Choosing a bag closure system is about preference, but also about safety. A marijuana bag that is not sealed might leak odors, and children could access it. In addition to zipper closures, hook-and-loop or Velcro closures with a foldable top edge are the most effective.
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