How to Use a Nectar Collector

Curiosity about dabbing is surging. Traditional methods of smoking marijuana still work but the dabbing phenomenon is raising eyebrows. All the potheads rolling around with their stoner kits may be familiar with dabbing, but the casual smoker or the newbie trying vape pens may see dabbing as the extreme radical end of cannabis use. The solution for everyone is some quality education on how to use a dab kit, and of course, The Happy Dab Kit offers the easy and fun to use nectar collector.

The nectar collector is a tool dabbers can use to smoke cannabis concentrates like shatter, budder or wax. As opposed to a dab rig that can be bulky and challenging to transport, nectar collector’s fit nicely into a stoner travel kit. A nectar collector comes with many of the same fundamental pieces that go with a dab rig, but they are made smaller for your convenience. Let’s review how this little stoner kit gem works.

There are three parts to a nectar collector that can be dismantled and stored neatly into your weed travel kit. Like every dab kit, there is a nail that can be made from glass or titanium. The nail fits into the middle section referred to as the percolator. The percolator is the elongated bulbous and largest section of the nectar collector. The mouthpiece fits into the top of the percolator with a little twist and is called the top straw. Once you have the top straw, percolator and nail all fit together, your nectar collector is ready to go.

The top straw is referred to in this manner because, in fact, it is a wide glass straw. It is cut with precision to make sure that it fits into the perculator tightly so that no air escapes. When it is time to put your nectar collector away, the top straw comes out easily and fits under the band in your stoner travel kit. Some people will inhale with their mouth, but others will actually put the straw up a nostril and inhale the dab smoke that way.

The percolator is interesting because like a bong you can add a little water to it to help filter the smoke. It is not necessary to add water but there are some benefits to the water filter such as its cooling effect on the smoke and its ability to filter out some of the toxins in the smoke. The percolator is what the dabber holds onto while smoking the concentrates. Like the top straw, the percolator will also fit nicely into your dab kit.

The nail is heated with a torch that also fits nicely into your smoking kit. The nail needs to be lit to a bright red before it is ready to go. If you look at the flame of your torch, you will see different colors. If you heat the nail between the blue and orange colors in the flame, that it is the place for optimal heating. You only have about three to four seconds to touch the nail to the edge of your marijuana concentrate, hence why it is called dabbing, and smoke it. If you wait too long to dab the nail to the concentrate, you will just melt it onto the nail and waste your product.

The nectar collector is one of the best pothead gifts out there for anyone rolling around with their stoner kits. It allows dabbers to indulge in their favorite way to smoke weed while staying mobile too. Pull it out at a party and you never know what kind of new friends you may make. It does involve some very hot stuff though, so be careful.

Stay Happy!

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