Our Favorite Outdoor Activities To Do Stoned

Seasoned cannabis smokers know that for the most part, not all marijuana users are lazy.  Here at Happy Kit HQ, we love the great outdoors and are firm believers that the use of cannabis elevates (literally) our nature adventures.
Quick Pro Tips
  1. Cannabis Sativa is the preferred strain for outdoor activities, as it will does not have as many of the sedative effects as Indica strains.
  2. Start small and work your way up.  A small joint before you take off on your hike will make it an exhilarating experience, but if you smoke a fat blunt you may just want to sit down and look at some pretty flowers.
  3. Choose an outdoor activity where you know that marijuana will better our experience, not make it more difficult.




Smoking a nice Sativa before you hit the slopes (or on the chairlift if you're daring enough) can be a great way to really enjoy the fresh powder.  A good strain selection that will give your brain a boost without any lethargic bodily effects will keep you riding at your best.




Hiking while puffing can really heighten the beauty of nature.  With all of the beautiful trails, mountains and streams out there in the world, this is an easy to do activity that has almost no geographic restrictions - worst comes to worst just take a drive out of the city!  Remember though, we only have one planet - don't litter.  A marijuana travel case with a grinder, pipe and lighter is all you need to have a zero-footprint nature experience!


Going To The Beach


Smoking a nice, stinky Indica while relaxing beach side is one of the most beautiful experiences ever.  There are some states where you can smoke outside on the open sands, but for the most part you'll probably want to keep your stash discreet in a good weed travel kit.  On the other hand, you just load up on some tasty edibles, and then just layout a blanket and nap the day away!




Seriously though, who doesn't love camping?  You get to hang out in a tent, enjoy the fresh air, and get baked while you roast weenies on a fire!  Looking to book a sweet camping getaway?  Check out our favorite places to go camping stoned!  If you're going to be driving, don't forget to keep your green safe in a smell resistant marijuana travel kit!

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