The Dab Kit

The smoking kit may have even been invented in California. The massive west coast state is the 6th largest economy in the world! They produce a huge percentage of the U.S. vegetables, fruits and nuts, let alone four-fifths of the marijuana you have been buying illegally from your dealers over the years. Californian potheads are also massively in love with playing with their dab kit. Have you tried dabbing out yet?

Dabbing marijuana may be a new approach to consuming cannabis for many of you. It is one of the most popular and trendy ways of smoking marijuana that came with the state legalization movement sweeping the country. There is even a lot of debate that the origins of the dab dance Cam Newton made famous with his touchdown celebrations, came from dabbing marijuana. Like smoking out of a bong, there is even a nifty glass piece referred to as a dab kit or rig.

Modern technology is one of the greatest pothead gifts any consumer could hope for. Marijuana can be pressed of all of its oil and then concentrated THC can be extracted from the juices. The extracts made for dabbing come in a number of forms like shatter, oil and wax. The methods used to extract highly concentrated amounts of THC can be dangerous and people should not attempt making it at home. But, in a highly controlled environment people typically use butane, which is obviously very flammable, to make these concentrates. Butane is the easiest extraction method for cannabis concentrates, but it involves chemicals which connoisseurs typically frown upon. Buy from a legal dispensary and solve that problem right away and have the cleanest concentrates for your dab kits.  

These concentrates have an incredibly high consistency of THC in them. When burned at extremely high temperatures, over 90% of the smoke inhaled is THC which creates an instant and intense high. You will find a dab torch inside of your stoner kit which creates a lot more heat than your typical lighter. Dabbers will either light the wax directly in their dab kit with a torch or they will use the dab nail that comes with the kit and heat that before applying it to the wax.

There are about five different types of commonly used concentrates you can use with your dab kit. Shatter is called shatter because it will shatter when you drop it. Budder has a consistency a lot like, well butter. Crumble is dry and kind of looks like tiny grains of sand. Wax looks like something you may have just pulled out of your ear. And then, of course there is oil that would be made with CO2 instead of butane. Whatever type of dab you like to use, they will all work well in your dab kit and fit real nice in your stoner kit.

It’s a new an crazy world for all of us rolling around with our stoner kits. Dabbing may not be for everyone, but one way or another it is making marijuana more exciting than we probably ever thought it could. So, if you are rocking a dab kit perhaps fitting some shatter into your smoking kit is exactly what you need to take your parties to the next level. It will be exciting to see what 2018 brings with the legalization movement.

Stay Happy!

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