The Happy Eti-Kit Vol 3

The Happy Eti-Kit Vol 3

How to Use a One Hitter

How to use a one-hitter properly

The convenience of using a one hitter is undeniable. Packing a one hitter is as easy as pushing it into the grinder chamber that holds your ground up weed and voila you are ready for medicating on the go!

There is no discussion of how to smoke a one hitter, just light it and inhale. You will find it easily enough in your discreet stash kit, so pull it out and pack it up. Can it get it any easier than that? Well there are a few more smoke tips we can provide you with a one hitter that can make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

If you want to know how to use a hitter, we must start with a fundamental breakdown of a one hitter. Its name is intended to be very descriptive of the device itself. When packing a one hitter you will find that the opening at the top of a hitter is only big enough to fit just enough weed for one, maybe two hits. The longer portion of the pipe is where you inhale from. Reference the following picture for further details.

Spring loaded one hitter

How to smoke a one hitter?

The thing about using a one hitter is that it can get hot! Afterall, it is a cigarette sized tube, so how long can you hold a flame to it before it conducts heat through the entire piece? Using a one hitter is best to do alone, or with maybe one other friend so that it does not get too hot. Have your stash travel case handy so you can set it down if it does get too hot. Otherwise, you will want to use something bigger like a glass bowl which should be easily found in your mmj travel case too.

How to light a one hitter?

Again, it’s an issue of heat. Hold your lighter away from the packed end rather than right up against the one hitter itself. You will see that when you pull on the one hitter, the flame magically comes to the marijuana and only burns the ground up cannabis. By not putting the flame directly against the tube, you will conduct less heat through the tube which will help prevent burning your fingers or lips.

Lighting a one-hitter

How to pack a one hitter?

This is where it can get a little complicated. Simply packing a one hitter is not terribly challenging. If you grab your Happy Kit ginder out of your discreet stash kit and use that to grind up the weed, then just push the one hitter into the herb and then maybe you will need to use a finger to push it in a little more. What is important about how to pack a one hitter is that if you overpack it, you won’t be able to pull air through it well enough. Then all you are doing is charring the pot and wasting it. Over packing a one hitter is a major party foul! Don’t do it! Of all the smoke tips we could give you, that might be the most important one.

Use your Happy Kit Stash One Hitter right

Another important point about packing a one hitter is that you will discover that they get clogged. If you are planning on using a one hitter at a party or with friends, it’s best to make sure you clean it before you get there. You can always pull the pipe cleaner from your discreet stash kit and give the pipe a few run throughs. If you have the time, boiling a one hitter will clean it well and so will rubbing alcohol. You also do not want resin getting all over the inside of your mmj travel case either. It’s sticky and gross.

Keep your Happy Kit Stash One Hitter clean!

Well we hope these tips on how to smoke a one hitter have been helpful. As long as you abide by these guidelines on how to light a one hitter, and how to smoke a one hitter, you should find the one hitter pipe inconspicuous and easy for medicating on the go, It will be a nice compliment to your mmj travel case.

Stay Happy!

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