The Happy Eti-Kit Vol 5

Cleaning the Glass Pipe in Your Smell Resistant Stash Kit

He pressed his back against the wet stone of the alley wall, his eyes darting around, searching for dangers like a wild animal. His breathing slowed as he detected no one had followed him. He slowly slid down the wall to sit on the dirty sidewalk. The large green dumpster next to him provided his some privacy as he began to search through his newly stolen loot.

The apartment he had just robbed ended up being a dud, but he would be damned if he was going to leave empty handed. The place had wreaked of marijuana. The occupant really needed to get himself a smell resistant discreet stash kit, he had thought at the time. He had heard the door open to the apartment shortly after he had broken the window to get in, so he had grabbed what he could and escaped.

The thief looked down at his meager plunder. He had no more than some loose change, a book and a small zipped up case with a green cross on it. Hopefully there was something worthwhile in there, he thought. He eagerly unzipped it to find that the apartment’s occupant did have a stash travel case. He picked out a one hitter and looked it over. He had always wondered how to light a one hitter. His friend from long ago had told him a little about how to smoke a one hitter, but he had never been one to carry marijuana safely.

He picked out a small green grinder. These things had always stumped him, how should one go about cleaning a grinder, really? He found some rolling papers and other little assortments. Finally, he picked up a pretty glass bowl, but it was full of resin and filthy. Cleaning the glass pipe in your smell resistant stash kit is a must, he thought. You can boil them, or use some rubbing alcohol to keep them clean. Pipe cleaners and q-tips are really helpful too. The thief then knew for sure that this cannabis enthusiast had no idea about safely medicating on the go.

He laid his head back against the gross alley wall exasperated with this person who plainly had no mj manners. It is common sense to have smoke etiquette! Cleaning your glass pipe in your smell resistant stash kit is a no brainer. He thudded the back of his head against the alley wall frustrated.

He looked down at the small book and opened it. The first page was the table of contents.

    Chapter One: How to Use a One Hitter Overview

    Chapter Two: How to Pack a One Hitter

    Chapter Three: How to Smoke a One Hitter

    Chapter Four: How to Light a One Hitter

    Chapter Five: Cleaning the Glass Pipe in Your Smell Resistant Stash Kit

    Chapter Six: How to Clean a Grinder

The thief slammed the book closed laughing to himself. At least the guy knew he had no cannabis manners. The thief considered going back up to the apartment and offering the guy some smoke tips. If you are going to have an mmj travel case and carry smoke safely, these are the most basic things you need to know, he thought.Suddenly a gruff voice said just above where the thief was sitting, “For a thief you sure seem to be pretty arrogant about your mj manners.”The thief looked up startled to see a form wearing some sort of black suit and a black mask hanging over him. The dangerous voice continued, “Do you really think that cleaning the glass pipe in your smell resistant stash kit is that easy? You get the resin on your hands and it won’t wash off! What do you do then? Huh? Use Lava soap? That stuff will dry your skin out! Sure, you could wear gloves or use tools, but WHO WANTS TO DO THAT!”

The form crashed down upon the thief and with some nifty gizmos, tied the unfortunate burglar up. The immense vigilante then stood with the smoke stash kit and began using a one hitter.


The moral of the story is that if you rob someone of their mmj travel case and then criticize them for having bad smoke etiquette, a vigilante superhero will set you straight!

Stay Happy!

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