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Making Friends while Medicating on the Go

Are you looking for the best smoke tips to share with other smokers and find some common ground to spark up a unique conversation? The Happy Kit proudly presents the best smoke tips for medicating on the go with a new found friend who medicates with cannabis.

It may not be easy to spot someone else who uses cannabis for recreational or medical use, but as soon as a conversation is started there are some tell tale signs that the person you are talking to is a weed advocate. If this person shares the same progressive views about MMJ and recreational weed, then not only might you find a new friend, but you might find yourself in a situation where you can break out your impressive stash travel case. Follow these steps to find a new friend, because a friend with weed is a friend indeed.


“A friend in need's a friend indeed, A friend with weed is better”



Step 1: Find out if the person you are talking to is down with recreational cannabis and MMJ.

First of all, if you are medicating naturally, then you probably never leave home without a couple of your critical chronic accessories. If you are chatting it up with a new friend and you ask that person if they smoke, and their answer is “smoke what?” then it’s obvious you are speaking to a cannabis user. It’s time to share in a unique moment to discuss your thoughts about the current political state of medical marijuana and recreational cannabis.



Step 2: Identify what type of cannabis user you are talking to.


Perfect, this person is down with weed and now it’s time to figure out if she/he is the casual medical marijuana user, a daily cannabis user or anything in between. Since you have already started talking about how you think marijuana should be legal in all states and how great medical marijuana would be for the economy and how much more chill people would be if they smoked a little weed, the transition is easy. Resist the urge to show all your cards and break out your stash kit. Ask followup questions to your new friend such as, what are her/his favorite smoke tips and whether they prefer bong hits, glass bowls, joints or dabbing? What is their favorite methods of mj consumption are. Do they have a favorite strain?


Step 3: Boast and brag a bit


You are smart and prepared for whatever life throws in your direction and today is the day that you remembered to pack your favorite MMJ travel case. Your discreet travel case has all the essentials for medicating on the go and now is the time to show off your own smoke tips! You and your new friend have gotten to the point where you feel comfortable asking them if they would like to smoke now. The obvious answer is YES! Break out The Happy Kit and a smile because you have a grinder, papers, a 3” glass pipe and your storage tube.



Step 4: Pick the right piece in your discreet stash kit

Now that you have made a connection and a possible friendship, it’s time to solidify that friendship by sharing some sacred medical marijuana. Since your new friend is a casual smoker, you decide that the discrete one-hitter is the perfect piece to celebrate the day. Make sure to use your included grinder, you get the perfect amount loaded into the one-hitter and hand it off to your new friend, leaving just enough to pack one for yourself.


Step 5: Friend each other and share encrypted messages with your favorite strains

You win the day. You carpe’d diem. You made a friend that may turn into a long lasting friendship or you may never see that person again. You figured out the best way for medicating on the go and were able to show off your discreet stash kit. Either way, you made a connection and have done your part to better the world and especially America.


What? You found this CRUCIAL life tip and don’t have a Happy Kit? Don’t worry, here’s the link:


Stay Happy!

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