The Weed Travel Kit

It’s the holidays and we know a lot of our followers will be contending with intense holiday traffic. Some of you will be braving the highways, others will be climbing on and off trains and buses, some will be dealing with airports and some will even be footing it. The common denominator among all of you is that you are wondering what to do with your weed travel kit.


First off, remember that crossing state lines with marijuana is illegal even if you live in a recreational weed state. Bringing herb to the airport just does not make sense and we would never advise it. You can bring your crystal clean stoner travel kit with you, just make sure there is not even any marijuana resin or kief on it anywhere! In reality, if you have so much as shown one of your friends how to pack a one hitter, you do not need to be flying with that pipe. Leave it home. Remember, you will probably be able to find what you are looking for, wherever you may be heading.

Now we have that covered, let’s discuss how to use a one hitter. In reality, a one hitter is the best friend of the holiday traveler that likes to indulge. It’s small, quick, easy and preserves your stash. You should easily find a one hitter in your weed travel kit. If you are thinking ahead, which can be challenging, you would already have some weed ground up and waiting for you in your grinder.

Let’s review how to pack a one hitter. Remember that it is the shallow end of the one hitter that you pack. The longer end of the tube is where you inhale from. Just push the shallow end into your finely ground weed and use a finger to push it in. Don’t pack too much weed in or no air will go through the pipe and you will just torch your herb.


Once you got the one hitter packed, it’s a matter of how to use a one hitter. The thing about one hitters is that they can get hot when you hold a flame to them for too long or too often. This is why you don’t often see people passing around a one hitter. It is really intended to be used by just one person that won’t need to light it more than twice or so. Just like cornering a bowl, you can corner a one hitter to help preserve your expensive cannabis. Just light the edge of the packed end of the pipe and pull lightly. On hitters are notorious for letting ash get through and you end up sucking it into your mouth. That sucks! The key is to pull lightly.

Your little stoner travel kit will fit into cargo pockets, your backpack, possibly your purse and certainly a suitcase. It is discreet and so most people that might catch a glimpse of it will think it is just another personal item. There is something nice as you walk through a city like New York, flurries are following all around you, holiday music is playing somewhere in the distance and you have your weed travel kit tucked away safely somewhere on your person. Knowing that it is there is comforting. When you walk through the front door of your parents’ house, or wherever you are celebrating the holidays, you know that they warmth of holiday hugs are coming. Then you see your cousin, brother or sister and you give them that little affirmative nod or wink so that they know their holidays are going to be particularly special now that you have joined the party. Maybe they will get a kick out of your weed travel kick and need you to show them how to use a one hitter. Maybe they already know. But, one way or another happiness is not far away.

Please travel safe and enjoy the holidays no matter how you may celebrate them!

Stay Happy and Happy Holidays!

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