Top Five Stoner Travel Destinations

While there may be a common misconception that stoners are inherently lazy, the majority of people don't understand that marijuana does not slow down the avid traveler, it only makes the trip better.  It's not always easy to find a cannabis-friendly travel destination, so we have put together a list of our favorite five around the world.



Kingston, Jamaica

While it may seem obvious, Kingston is one our favorite destinations due to the lenient laws and low prices.  While marijuana is still technically illegal, there are loopholes that allow you to sign up adventures like a pot sampling tour (and buy flower for as low as $1.40 per gram).



Toronto and Vancouver, Canada

Our friends up north have become medically friendly, and have even started to adopt some Amsterdam-style customs.  While it's still technically illegal to have any green without a medical certificate, the lenient laws will generally cause cops to turn a blind eye if you're holding less than a quarter ounce.  Travel into the downtown area of either city and you'll even find many Amsterdam style cafes where you can enjoy a joint or bowl with your meal or morning coffee.


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a magical place for cannabis users.  The city is so lenient towards the flower that you will even find vendors on the beach selling beer, coca cola, potato chips and hash all in one fell swoop - you don't even have to go looking for it!


Macchu Picchu, Peru

Our South American neighbors have decriminalized marijuana completely; you can have up to eight grams in your possession and nobody will bat an eye.  The loose laws make it surprisingly easy to get high and go to Macchu Picchu - a cannabis-friendly traveler's dream.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam will always be one of the top marijuana friendly travel destinations.  The decriminalization allows even tourists to have up to five grams of flower in public, and another law makes possession legal in coffee shops, so you can light up with your morning coffee and croissant.

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