Upgrade Your Dabbing Experience with Happy Dab Kits: The Ultimate Portable Solution for Discerning Dabbers

Upgrade Your Dabbing Experience with Happy Dab Kits: The Ultimate Portable Solution for Discerning Dabbers

Dab Kits

From the makers of the Happy Kit and Happy Kit Mini comes a suite of sleek and discreet dabbing gear for the discerning dabber in your life.

Our kits come with all the sophisticated dabbing tools you need to vibe your way to a good time.

The kits vary based on your needs, and all of them deliver portable happiness at an affordable price.

Load up on happiness and start dabbing in style when you purchase your Happy Dab Kit today!


Happy Dab Kit Features

Our flagship Happy Dab Kit comes with an elite set of accessories and features designed to heighten your dabbing experience.

Grab yours today!

Shockproof Case

No matter what life throws at you, your dab tools will be totally protected from drops and bumps inside this sleek shockproof case.

Dab Tool

This tool makes it a bit easier to handle your THC concentrate and load up your nectar collector with the perfect amount of product.

Nectar Collector

If you've never dabbed using a nectar collector, prepare to have your world rocked. It eliminates the need for a dab rig, making setup a breeze.

No carb cap, no timers - just sweet dabs that taste amazing every time.

Wax Containers

Cover your wax and keep it fresh with not one, but two 5mL wax containers!

Butane Torch

Dabs require a proper heat source to get your concentrates to the right temperature.

Whether you're a fan of low temp dabs or powerful, high-temperature pulls, this butane torch does the trick and gets your wax heated just how you like it.

Happy Pack DAB

Switch up your dabbing style with this durable, smell-proof, water-resistant fanny pack! The Happy Pack DAB comes loaded with happiness (and the following dabbing gear):

  • Childproof 3-digit combination lock
  • Front flap doubling as a rolling tray
  • Titanium nail/banger
  • Nectar collector
  • Two nonstick 5mL wax containers
  • Secret pocket for storing extra happiness

Very Happy Dab Kit

We made the Very Happy Kit to satisfy those who want to the ultimate dabbing experience without sacrificing portability.

You'll find the following features and dabbing accessories inside this ultra-luxe kit:

  • A sleek, smell-proof, water-resistant, shockproof case with a childproof combination lock
  • A glass vapor vessel
  • One 10mm titanium tip
  • One 10mm mouthpiece
  • Two discreet 5mL silicone containers
  • A butane torch
  • A dab tool
  • A dab pad

Even with all of these incredible features, the Very Happy Kit is still conveniently portable at just 8" x 4.5".

No more clunky dab rigs taking up space in your bag - this setup gets the job done anytime, anywhere!

Other Happy Kits

Not a dabber? Our original Happy Kit has everything you need to burn tree the old fashioned way, including papers, a glass pipe, a doob tube, a grinder, filter tips, a one-hitter, and a metal poker.

Choose the pocket-sized Happy Kit Mini for our most portable smoker's kit yet! You'll find a one-hitter, papers, filter tips, and a metal poker - everything you need for a quality smoke on the road.

We offer a refill subscription service as well as one-time refills for everything in the Happy Kit, so you'll never have to worry about running out of supplies.

Why Choose Happy Kit?

We pride ourselves on making the best dabbing gear at an affordable price. Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Reach out anytime to learn more!

Experience the Happy Kit Difference - Purchase the Best Dabbing Tools Today!

Investing in your happiness has never been easier. Switch from complex dab rigs to ultra portable dab kits today - we guarantee you'll never look back!

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