What Is a One Hitter: How to Use it and What Are its Benefits for Marijuana Users?

Do you know what one-hitter is and how it is beneficial for marijuana users? For some marijuana users, a one-hitter is just a small pipe used for inhalation purposes. But inside this small pipe, numerous benefits make the whole marijuana inhaling experience worth sharing for the users.

Right through this guide, we will discuss what is a one-hitter is and how it is beneficial for the users of marijuana. Let’s get into the discussion below: 

What is a One-Hitter?

Talking about the one-hitter, it is available in the shape of a metal pipe or as a small glass that holds a single unit. To use this one-hitter, you have to tightly pack your smoking material with the hitter and light up the end. This is how you will be ready to have an exciting smoking experience in just one go. 

The use of one-hitter has been quite common for users fond of inhaling marijuana at home. Based on your requirements and type, you can pick one hitter made out of clear glass or metal pieces. 

Some of the one-hitters are also available as a dugout which is in the shape of compact smoking kit. With this smoking kit, you can easily collect, grin and pack any of your favorite strains in just a few seconds. 

The only difference between the dugout and one-hitter is that dugout is discreet, small, and is designed for minimal cleanup. You can easily carry all your supplies without any mess. 

How to use a one-hitter?

The next question that probably hit so many people's minds is how to use a one-hitter! It is pretty easy to use one-hitter. You have to use the card for grinding your smoking product within the storage receptacle. Then you have to close the door and slide the one-shitter right into the opening in which you have stored the smoking product. 

Don’t forget to twist the one-hitter a bit once you insert it. This is how you can tightly pack your entire product. Release the pipe and enjoy the first smoke!

If you are a beginner, you need to do a bit of practice to inhale the one-hitter. Once you get your hands on it, you will have a fantastic inhaling experience. 

What are the benefits of one-hitter in smoking?

Now let’s talk about a few of the essential benefits of one-hitter in smoking for first-time users: 

  1. It is Compact

We all know that a one-hitter is smaller in size, enabling you to get it fitted into your pocket without any hassle. They are light in weight to make it store in your purse compartments without letting anyone know about it. 

  1. Provides a Precise Dosing

If you are using a multi-hitter, you need to be careful about how much each product is using. One-hitters are pretty precise. When you know that you are getting that one hit, you can, later on, estimate your THC content or the general consumption.

  1. Give a Micro-dosing a Breeze

If you want to do smoking for medicinal purposes or if you want to reduce usage, then choosing a one-hitter is something that is an effortless experience for you. As each person has a different tolerance, micro-dosing is a unique approach for the users. 

You are guaranteed to get 2 to 5 mg of THC peruse in the one-hitter by receiving the excellent benefits without any unwanted after-effects.

  1. Affordable

In comparison with other smoking or weed products, one-hitter is affordable for the users to purchase it without breaking their bank.
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