What People are Saying About The Happy Kit

It looks like all of our smoke tips are really making an impact! Here at The Happy Kit, we work hard to help our customers carry cannabis safely but also provide them with a fun stoner kit that has everything they need for proper marijuana etiquette when hanging out with friends.

We wanted to highlight all of our feedback and media coverage for our discreet stash kit. It shows how much those that are medicating on the go, really need something as reliable as The Happy Kit!

The NOW THIS digital media organization shared a video about The Happy Kit stash travel case on Facebook. The video emphasizes how customers can carry mj safely with our shatterproof hard case. It also shows all the essentials you can find in the discreet stash kit too. Almost 500K people saw our video! We couldn’t be more happy! Check out the quick 30 second video just below here.


“They truly are awesome, makes for happy customers”

“Absolutely he's one of the most outstanding guys I have met such a great gift to give somebody everything's included”

LAD Bible out of England shared a 22 second video on Facebook too and it was viewed over 3 millions times!. They illustrated how our little stoner kit comes with all of the necessary items to have proper smoke etiquette. If you want to know how to clean a glass bowl, the video shows how a simple paperclip can go a long way. They also showed how the mmj travel case is easily stowed away, check it out.


“This is a dream come true for you guys!”

The Happy Kit made it onto the Chive’s top 16 items to celebrate 420 the right way! It’s true that our discreet stash kit is great for adventurous smokers. Our case is very durable and can go almost anywhere with you so that packing a one hitter is easy, even in some of the craziest places. Enjoy the view from whatever height you’ve climbed to because our case allows you to carry marijuana safely. Keep come and chive on!

The ultimate accessory for the adventurous smoker, the Very Happy Kit contains everything you need for a quick pick-me-up/

The BroBible featured The Happy Kit as a last minute stocking stuffer a couple of years ago. They mentioned all the goodies you can find in our stash travel case for medicating on the go. Remember to look at some of our previous posts to learn how to clean a one hitter and how to clean a grinder. You can find all of your cannabis essentials and maintain the integrity of your mj etiquette. Even though we were featured on brobible.com, it’s still great for females too!

BroBible.com article on The Happy Kit - One little black box. That’s all you need to keep your pipe exactly where you left it every time. No more chasing down every last smoking essential.

HERB featured The Happy Kit in a nearly minute long video recently and over 650K people viewed it! They referred to our discreet stash kit as everything you need. They featured the torch for dabbing that comes with certain cases. We were happy to showcase the dab kit and very happy kit. They also featured the variety of cases we offer and how durable it is. Check it out!


“Omg! I've been looking for something like this because I love camping & hiking! & this would be perfect! Waterproof & shatterproof plus all in one package.”

“Goodbye, my glasses case I've been using, this is perfect for leaving the house! I'm carrying this everywhere.”

The Daily Dot also featured The Happy Kit earlier this year. For any avid smoker, our stash travel cases are a necessity. If you already know how to pack a one hitter or use a dab torch, there is nothing more convenient than The Happy Kit. They also featured just how affordable our little stoner kit is. Check it out!


Finally, as always, The Dude abides. The Dude stumbled across The Happy Kit and were very happy at what they found. Our discreet stash kit is exactly that, discreet, so they were unsure of what they were going to find. We were more than happy to find out just how happy we made them.


Anyways, just thought we would update everyone on what’s been happening with The Happy Kit. We are going to continue to produce fantastic product and keep everyone informed on how to clean a one hitter, glass bowls, dab kits and grinders, while medicating on the go with a perfect stoner travel kit.

Happy Holidays and Stay Happy!

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