Vaping can be a fun activity; however, when you are around many people who don’t buy the idea of smoking, you might want to try smell-proofing your weed. Weed has a strong, pungent odour that can last very long in space. Overcoming or quelling the smell of weed is not an easy thing to do.

When one is familiar with the smell of weed, it is hard to miss, and when you smoke regularly in a space, it can stick to that space and becomes very hard to get rid of. Even if you are not a smoker, if you don’t store weed correctly, you will still smell of weed although not as strong as an active smoker.

However, using a smell-proof weed container or a stash box can help control this smell. Other methods include:

Smell Proof Weed Bag

When trying to eliminate or keep the smell of weed minimal in your home, you can use a smell-proof weed jar. However, you should consider the smell-proof weed bag when travelling with weed. It is compact and easy to pack and comes with a zipper-lock making it hard for people to get into them.

Vacuum Sealing Weed

Vacuum sealing is a method that can be used to store weed and works effectively in making it odour-proof. This method has been used in preserving food for a long time. Vacuum-sealing food can be kept in refrigerators or freezers. When using a vacuum, sealing might reduce the quality of the bud; however, the fragrance of your weed remains.

Smell Proof Weed Jar

Smell-proof weed jar is simply employing the use of a jar with a tight lid as storage for your weed. This method helps make it smell-proof. It is one of the cheapest methods of eliminating weed smell from your home.

Freezing Weed

Freezing weed is also another way by which one can eliminate the weed smell. It is easy and does not require any technical knowledge.

Use Charcoal

Charcoal absorbs the smell of weed; all you need do is tie a handful in nylon and place it inside your stash box.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda can also be used to control weed smell. Place it in your weed box and change it out every few weeks, and your weed box keeps smelling like a box.


Weed smell is strong, however, following all these tips will help you get over the problem of weed smell.

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