A Guide on How to Choose Smell-Proof Container/Storage for Weed.

A Guide on How to Choose Smell-Proof Container/Storage for Weed.

By the term container or bag, it is clear that smell-proof container is used for storing the weed at a protective place for the later use. But by the term smell-proof, it generally means that once you have stored the weed inside the container, it won’t leave out any sort of smell of weed out from the box. Sometimes a weed smell can be irritating for the person who is sitting next to you.

To choose best quality of smell-proof bags, it is important to keep your mind clear with some tips of purchasing the best bag for yourself. For your guidance, below we have some tips for you to be careful about:

Sizing Matters a lot

The first factor which you need to be careful about is the sizing of the storage container or the weed jar. It might happen that the container is too much big or too much small for the weed to get into. Therefore, it is important to always consider the size in mind before you finalize to buy it.

For the larger quantity of weed, you should look for the container which is large to fulfill all your needs. Plus, to have a container or a jar for carrying it around with bag, then consider something which is compact and smaller in size.

Is it Airtight?

Plus, it is also important to make sure that whether the storage container is airtight or not. This will be preventing the moisture to seep inside the container and will no longer be ruining the weed. Moisture can cause the mold or harmful bacteria which can completely destroy the whole flavor of the weed. Therefore, consider the jar with the airtight lid.

Protects the weed from Sunlight

Similar to the moisture, it is also important to protect the weed from the sunlight. UV rays emitting from the sun can fade the weed color and its flavor. And who wants to smoke a less flavorful weed!

If you still want to keep the weed container under the sunny spot, try to look for smell proof container with UV protection feature.

Is it smell proof?

Confirm it whether the container is 100% smell-proof or not. Sometimes a model has an airtight option, but it is not completely smell-proof which a big drawback is. So just ensure that whether the container or the jar has the capacity of being smell proof or not.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • The Price

Price is another important factor which you need to pay attention at. It all depends on your personal needs that whether you want an affordable bag or the expensive one. In case you are buying the smell proof bag for the first time, you should consider something which is cheap so it won’t regret you that your money is getting wasted.

  • Clean it

It is also important to make sure that you do not skip cleaning the container on regular basis. This depends on how much you use the container. Cleanliness will help you to prevent the odor and will let the weed to stay fresh. Sometimes the leftovers in the container will make the whole weed get less flavor one which can be unhealthy for the users.

For cleaning the jar or the storage containers, you can use the paper towel or the clean cloth and simply wipe it. This is the best method to avoid the deep cleaning.

For the intense cleaning, you can just rinse the container or the jar with some warm soapy water and then dry it completely. Be gentle during cleaning because a single mistake can ruin the whole container.

  • Be Careful with It

Although the weed containers are the durable one, still it is important to give them extra care which they deserve the most. Too much extra bumping around will be leading to extra scratches at its exterior which can ruin the whole appearance. This might be possible that the bag will fall out because it is not being carefully watched out. Keep the closer eye and make sure you find the smell proof weed bags which are better in protection.

  • Don’t Store Extra Materials inside It

When we use a plastic bag, we generally add some extra items in it. But this is not in case with the weed bag at all. In the weed bag, you will merely store the weed items and nothing else. This is how the whole rule of the weed bag will work for you.


To give your weed an added protection and let it stay fresh for a long time, then without wasting any time, buy a best quality of weed storage bag right now. Take help from our guide above and do a bit of research on best storage bags available for the weed storage.

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