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Happy Kit Collections

Happy Kit is known for producing high-quality smell-proof stash bags that keep your weed fresh and all your equipment safe and sound,
but we do so much more! We also stock a range of flower kits, dabbing kits, pouches, refills, and bundles,
not to mention the many subscription options we have available to cannabis users.

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Happy Kit Collection

The Happy Kit - Original

The OG Happy Kit is an odor-free zip-up lock case made from high-quality waterproof materials,
including a carbon lining that traps and neutralizes odors.
This small bag carries a surprising amount of gear, comes in a range of stylish colors, and is inconspicuous enough
for the discreet smoker to carry their stash with them wherever they go.

The Very Happy Kit

A super-sized smell-proof stash bag made from high-grade materials to trap smells and keep your gear safe.
This one comes with plenty of compartments for storing happiness and
extra childproof protection with a built-in combination lock. Accessories included!

The Happy Kit Mini

This range of small smell-proof bags is perfect for stowing in your backpack or pocket. Slightly bigger than a wallet,
this specific bag is designed for smokers on the go and includes a hitter pipe, filter tips, and paper.
Dab Kits

The Happy Dab Kit

The Happy Dab Kit comes with a straw collector, wax containers, a dabbing tool, and other gear to get your buzz on.
Everything is packaged neatly in a durable odor-proof bag made from high-grade plastics, perfect for carrying with you.

The Very Happy Dab Kit

The Very Happy Dab Kit contains even more of a good thing, packaged in a smell-proof weed bag with a built-in lock.
It's a great option for smokers that want to start dabbing for the first time and contains everything you need,
including a glass vapor vessel, a dab pad, a mouthpiece, and more.

The Dab Kit Mini

This smart stash bag is everything you love about your dab kit on a more portable side.
It's one of the most affordable options on the market for newbie dabbers and contains everything you need. Happy Packs

Happy Pack Flower

This water-resistant, smell-proof child-locked pack is filled with all of the essential accessories you'd need.
With an adjustable strap, you can easily carry your stash around your waist or over your shoulder. Each Happy Pack comes with a built-in rolling tray.

Happy Pack Dab

Happy Pack smell-proof bags for weed are water-resistant and filled with all of the dabbing accessories you need to prepare for happy times.
The front flap of this smart stash bag doubles as a rolling tray and provides easy access to your dabbing gear while on the go. Happy Pouches

Happy Pouch

A smell-proof bag with a child lock and full water resistance that can be thrown into your backpack, laptop bag, or gym bag without attracting attention.
The pouch is carbon-lined with a front flap that doubles as a rolling tray. Instant happiness included!

Happy Pouch DAB

A carbon-lined, water-resistant, and lock-protected pouch containing all of your dabbing essentials.
It fits perfectly into glove boxes, backpacks, and small bags for your convenience and is completely discreet! Product Bundles

Flower Kit bundle

Buy in a bundle and save a bunch! This bundle includes the Happy Kit Mini, the Happy Kit Deluxe, and the Very Happy Kit.

Holiday Bundle

Our most luxurious bundle offer includes the best in flower and dab kits, including the Very Happy Kit,
Happy Kit Deluxe, Happy Kit Mini, Very Happy Kit Dab, Happy Kit Dab, Dab Kit mini, Happy Pouch, and Happy Pack.

Happy Pack and Pouch Bundle

Keep all of your happiness in one place with this pack and pouch bundle.
Accessories not included.

Ultimate Dab Bundle

Three dab kits make one big deal! Get the Dab Mini, Happy Dab Kit, and the Very Happy Kit Dab kit in one convenient bundle deal.
Refills & Subscriptions Happy Kit Original Refill and Subscription Running low on Happiness? You can order a brand new version of EVERYTHING
that was included in your Happy Kit or subscribe to have new supplies automatically delivered to your door every 14, 30, or 90 days!

Happy Dab Refill and Subscription

Want to like and subscribe? You can re-order all of the gear inside your Happy Dab Kit or subscribe.
New supplies will be delivered every 14, 30, or 90 days until you cancel. Accessories

The KronicBlade

The KronicBlade is the closest thing you'll find to a Swiss Army knife for feed.
It's fitted with a round handle, curved scoop blade, and hidden poker tool that can be used to prep a surface,
scoop up ground cannabis, load product or crush your concentrates. .