Which Smoking Accessories are the Most Popular One among Youngsters?

Which Smoking Accessories are the Most Popular One among Youngsters?

Interested in buying a great stoner gift basket for your friend? Are you looking for some smoking accessories ideas for stoner gift baskets? 

If you want to prove your friendship to someone who smokes, then you should gift them an exciting smoker basket. You can add any of these 7 fantastic smoking accessories to a stoner gift basket. Check them out below: 

List of Amazing Smoking Accessories to Add to your Smoking Bowl

  1. Hand Pipes

Since so many years, many countries have used hand pipes as a common and oldest method of smoking. Portable, convenient, and easy to carry are the reasons hand pipes are popular. As it does not require any extra components, it requires quite a lot of maintenance.

Hand pipes as smoking accessories are used by holding them up and inhaling smoke through mouthpieces. A variety of sizes, shapes, as well as designs are available for pipes. 

  1. Bubbler

Bubbler is a more advanced version of hand pipe. A water filtration system is one component not available in handpieces. This filter system allows the bubbler to create smooth hits of smoke from ignited marijuana. Bubblers work similarly to hand pipes. Add some water into the bubbler base so start the filtration. 

  1. Bongs

Many designs are available for bongs, from simple to intricate. Similar to lamps, they are tall and have a cylindrical shape. The difference between a bong and with the bubbler or hand pipe is the amount of hit you are all receiving. You can infuse the hits with a more relaxing taste if your bong has an ice catcher.

  1. Dab Rigs

Our next smoker accessories are the dab rig! There are two main components of these dab rigs, which include the filtration system that holds the device together. Second, you vaporize the concentrate before starting to smoke it. Depending on your budget, you can think about to choose from different variations of this smoking bowl accessory. The filtration system will also vary depending on the quality and type you pick. 

  1. Hookahs

Hookahs have always remained one of the most popular smoker accessories, so how can we miss including them in this list? In countries where shisha is popular, hookah use has been quite widespread. Generally, hookahs do not work with cannabis; therefore, tobacco is used to fill it with some additional layers. Hookahs have a higher health risk which is its biggest drawback. 

  1. DIY & Homemade disposables

You should use homemade disposables when adding a smoking bowl with your favorite accessories. Due to its lack of additional components, its maintenance is quite a bit. Some everyday items can be used to make it, such as bottles, plastic containers, pens, apples, or containers. 

  1. Blunts, Spliffs, and Joints

The smoker accessories devices on the list are not very popular, but they are frequently used, so they are included. Paper can be used to roll up the ground weed known as a blant or joint. Users often place the cardboard tip on the mouthpiece. This is quite an interesting smoking accessories to add in smoking weed basket.

The weed in a spliff is the same, but it does have some additional elements aside from the weed. Some of the users often enjoy adding some tobacco with the weed for a unique kick. 


So what are you waiting for? Get the ideal and best options of smoking accessories right now and make it add in your smoking bowl right now to gift it to your friends. More amazing accessories are available which you can collect through a bit of research work. Go for it now!

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