Tips on How to Smoke a Joint

Tips on How to Smoke a Joint

What To Know About Joints?

Enjoying cannabis can come in different forms. Some people enjoy their cannabis by mixing it with their meal, while others enjoy it by bonging. Many people like the old fashion way of smoking a joint. Others make use of cannabis oil and rub it on their body. Whichever way you prefer to get high is left to you.
If you prefer to get high through smoking, there are different ways by which you can go about it; these methods include blunt, joints, and spliffs. However, joints seem to be the most widely accepted form of smoking.

Some people are vast in their knowledge of smoking; however, if you are new to getting high, you might want to learn how to smoke a joint properly. As said earlier, joints are part of a family of cannabis rolls.

Before you venture into the cannabis world, you might as well understand the difference between the three.


The blunt is a type of cannabis roll that makes use of a cigar wrap; that is, your weed is rolled with your preferred substance. The blunt is generally larger than a joint and also lasts longer than a joint.


Joints are smaller than blunts and do not last as long as blunts. Joints are rolled using wrapping paper and are easy to transport around.


The spliff is a hybrid mix of cannabis, but in the case of spliffs; it contains the mixture more than weed. A spliff also contains a filter that is often referred to as crutches.

Rolling A Joint

Rolling a joint is always considered art by cannabis consumers because of how intricate the step is. The way your joint is rolled can determine or contribute to how long your joint lasts.

The steps of rolling a joint include crushing the cannabis with a grinder, making a crutch or filter, packing the cannabis in a rolling paper and rolling it up to a conical shape, and then lighting it. Knowing how to light a joint properly takes calmness as you don’t want to burn the whole weed at a go.

Making a Crutch or Filter

A crutch can be made by cutting cardboard and rolling it, and inserting it into your rolling paper right before you roll your weed. The major function is to make sure your weed doesn’t fall out.

Tips On How to Smoke a Joint

Know The Strain You Are Smoking

The first thing to note before smoking is knowing the strain of cannabis you are smoking, a different strain of cannabis offers different high sensations, Sativa offers energy, and Indica is good for treating anxiety and insomnia. It is important to know your weed to get the best effect out of it.

Roll up properly

Properly rolled up joints give you an even burn, fewer injuries on the tip of your fingers, and you enjoy your cannabis more this way


Having great knowledge about cannabis makes it even more useful; when you know the strain of cannabis, you are smoking. It makes it easier to maximize the effects of this plant.

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